Preparing yourself for Date Night | Tips for Girls!

Did your crush finally ask you out? Or did you just reveal your feelings to your best friend?
Whomever you are going out with, do not worry cos we have got you covered.

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However, we can’t do anything about the nervousness and the butterflies. Cos you know, that’s how it’s supposed to be. The thrill of a first date is like no other!

Now, without more dilly-dallying let us look at the tips:

1. I know the first thing that comes to your mind after you get asked out is what clothes you should wear. Although you may be tempted to get new ones, don’t. It is always better to go with your favorite attire. One that you are most comfortable in. 

You can only be yourself when you are completely comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Imagine being nervous around your crush and wearing a dress with a strap that’s poking into your skin. Nuh uh!

2. Now now, even though we don’t recommend shopping for clothes, lingerie shopping we recommend. But again, that depends on whether or not you are gonna have you-know-what. But you never know, in case you are not prepared but you are completely swept off your feet, it would be better if you wore your favorite matching ones at least. You know, just in case.

3. If you have to reach the restaurant/mall/movies at 8 pm, remember to account for travel time. If it’ll take half an hour to reach and you need an hour to get ready (give or take ;)), you will have to start getting ready at 6:30 pm max and start from home by 7:30 pm max. It wouldn’t hurt to be 10 mins early. Or you could be fashionable late. Your call!

4. Now, let’s start getting ready. Always take a bath before going on a date. Whether you are planning to put out or not. And remember to get started with your unwanted hair removal routine. You can use some of the best hair removal creams in India or even shave. Just do whatever you are used to and DO NOT try anything new before a date. But remove hair. Remember how Robin Scherbatsky doesn’t shave her legs on a date but is unfortunately charmed by a great doctor and tips a waitress to get her a razor and the waitress ends up going home with the doctor!!!!! Okay, I am a bit of a “How I met your mother” fanatic. Anyhoo, the takeaway is, ALWAYS SHAVE no matter what you are or what your are not planning to do.

5. Let’s get started with makeup. It’s always better to go with a no-makeup look on your date. No one wants a dramatic eye on a nice intimate romantic dinner. Minimal is perfect. Unless your date is taking you to the Opera and wants you to blend in with the crowd.

6. Now that you are ready, don’t forget your wallet! Guys shouldn’t be the ones to always pay. At least do the check dance (himym fans get me ;)). 

How the night ends is up to you. But girls, if your “friend” pays for dinner, don’t be compelled to you-know-what. *wink wink*

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