Interesting Facts about Maine Coone Cats

Do you know who the 'dogs of the cat world' are? If you don't understand what these two races have to do with each other, then you haven't met the Maine Coon yet. These cute felines belong to a big family. They have a pretty impressive physical appearance. Their solid muscular body and thick, dense fur make them look strong and sturdy. 

Maine Coons have hair that can be long or medium, in a variety of colors ranging from white to gray with black stripes. During colder months, it becomes thicker. These felines also have long, rounded tails that give them an appealing appearance. 

This specific breed of cat possesses a number of traits that are characteristic of dogs. Primarily, it is their robust build and then their good-natured and sweet personality. Despite their unusual looks, they are lovely pets with beautiful markings that stand out from other big cats.

On the following page, find a detailed guide on caring for these felines: 

Gentle Giants

One of the primary reasons why Maine Coons are among the most popular cat breeds is their lovely temperament. You probably wouldn't expect that, but these felines get along well with people and other pets. Due to their size, they can't be lap pets, but they won't hesitate to jump into your lap and cuddle for hours. That's how they got their nicknames - gentle giants.

Although the rule of loneliness generally applies to cats, the Maine Coon is an exception to that rule. This breed is quite sociable, and you will probably be surprised that your pet follows you all around and constantly wants to be with you. These felines generally love company and won't run away as soon as they see strangers or other animals.

Maine Coons might be tender, but their nature can't sometimes be tamed. The hunting instinct is in their genes. It is said that they can catch prey by biting it on the neck. But most of the time, these felines are really not aggressive. They only want to play around.

Long-Living Pets

The Maine Coon is an excellent example of a well-balanced animal. This trait is shared by other big cats as well. This is why they have a long lifespan. They can live for more than fifteen years if they are well-taken cared of. In fact, some of the oldest cats in the world are Maine Coons.

There are numerous theories about the origin of this species. Because of its specific appearance, some theorists have gone so far as to claim that the Maine Coon is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a raccoon. What is known for sure is that these felines are the oldest breed native to the American continent.

As for health, the Maine Coon has been known as quite hardy. In principle, there are no major diseases to which this breed is prone, which is mainly the result of careful breeding. There are specific genetic mutations that manifest as enlarged paws or sixth finger, but they are also thinned.

Winter Fans

Most of the Maine Coons prefer to live in forests or wooded areas. They love playing in the snow and enjoy the freshness of the cold climate, as their thick, dense fur makes them resistant to low temperatures.

They Are Loyal

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Maine Coon has a trait that is not specific to cats, and that is loyalty. These giant furballs will adore their humans but will be especially attached to the person who imposes as the main caretaker from the beginning. 

This breed can even be trained to do some simple tricks when relaxed and comfortable with the owners. You will be amazed at the mischievous behavior of these cats. Most of them are playful and adventurous, as they enjoy roaming around and spending time in nature. 

Ear Tufts Have Purpose

Ears tufts that grow from the Maine Coons' ears are a physical trait that makes this breed unique. Their ears are large and tall, and with all that furnishing sprouting out, they look even more impressive. These tufts are a 'trademark' of every purebred Maine Coon.

But these fluffy wisps are much more than an aesthetic accessory. Because of them, Maine Coon can hear sounds better than any other cat. Plus, ear tufts serve as protection, as they block the entering of dirt and dust into the cat's ears.

Leash Training

As already said, Maine Coon felines have some dog traits that owners can use to their advantage. One of them is the ability to train these cats. They are not stubborn; they are intelligent, and they will easily remember what you teach them. Still, don't expect miracles but be persistent.

The Maine Coon can even be trained to even walk on a leash. That will come in handy if you live alone, and you can't leave your pet alone too often. These cats also like to go out and explore, so they won't mind being on a leash. So it's a win-win situation. At this link, you can find guidelines on how to train your pet for lead walking.

As you can see, there are many interesting facts about Maine coon cats that you may never have known. Aside from their unique looks, they are also lovable pets that get along well with kids and other animals. Don't you just want one of these giant furballs?

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