All You Need to know About Google Sites Templates

In this age of the internet, most of the things are being converted into online services. Whenever someone faces an issue, they quickly search about it on the internet. Thus google sites templates have become very important at present. When the internet has become so important in our day to day lives, it is very essential that we create sites and other online services where a user would find it easy to use online services. 

We are going to talk about google sites templates here in a very detailed manner. All those who are engaged in making websites and other such things for online use will find this blog to be very important. 

After you have set up your website by using a google site template, you can go for several plugins that would enable you to change the theme of your webpage as you like. 

So, what are google sites templates?

After finishing the first paragraph of this blog, anyone would like to know what are google sites templates. You can think of a website template as a frame that can be modified into your website. Templates are also websites that are pre-developed by bigger firms. Once you get a template, you can customize it based on your needs. After the modification is complete, you will have your very own website that is completely unique as compared to the other websites that might be made on the same template. 

When we talk about the internet, Google is the first name that comes to our mind. The later sections of this blog will discuss the importance and uses of google sites templates. Google offers several templates that people may opt to get their work done in time and very conveniently. Take a look at the templates listed below:

Google Sites News Gadget:

This template has been designed by Google to make a website that mainly deals with the news. There are various features that make this website one of the best google sites templates. Look at some of the best features included in it that you may find important:

  • The Announcement Banner: This is a very nice feature that enables the owner to grab the attention of the visitors to some trending topic. This banner is located at the top of all the content available on your webpage so, no visitor will miss this banner if you have added something here.
  • News filter: There is also a news filter that can be used to filter out the news based on tags.

  • Ability to remove old news: You don’t have to care a lot about the old news that no one is interested in right now. A date can be fixed and all the old news will be automatically deleted on that day. In the same way, there is a feature that enables the website owner to hide a post/news article until a specified date. 

  • Very responsive: The page is very responsive and hence it makes the website work nicely on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. 

  • The headlines that appear here have an inbuilt link. The same is the case with thumbnails that appear on this website. 

Coffee Shop:

This is another cool template from Google. It can be used very efficiently to organize the content in such a manner that anyone will find it useful. Here are some of the best features of this template. 

  • Integrated with social media: One of the best features of this website is that it is integrated with almost all social media platforms. With the integration of social media platforms, this webpage has the potential to gain a tremendous number of new visitors on the site. 

  • Completely smartphone-oriented design: As we are living in the age of smartphones, any website needs to adaptive to the phone market to gain popularity. This feature makes this website one of the best among all the other google sites templates. And it comes with a very impressive response timing. 

  • The layout is favorable: This problem arises with many webpages when they upload a lot of content on their website. If a large amount of data is being uploaded on the webpage daily and that content is organized in the form a list, it becomes really hard to find something. So, this site template provides the facility to organize in grid view. Users find this form very interesting and convenient to use. 

Marketing Agency: 

This is one of the latest among the google sites templates. This template has been designed for marketing purposes in particular. And the features included in it are quite suitable for this purpose. If you are one such person who wonders about whether to use it or not, you should know about the best features of this website template. 

  • Availability of a splash image: Splash image makes a really good impression in the minds of the visitors. As you know that the main purpose of a splash image or splash screen is to make the visitors familiar with the content of the website. And this template provides a feature to customize the splash image. 

  • Different color options are available: There is an availability of different color options that can make your website very attractive. As you know that users or anyone are very much inclined towards change. And having too many colors makes you able to adapt to the preferences of your users. 

  • Design is based on one page: The design is very simple and the whole content is organized on a single page. When there are too many pages, users often find it a little bit uninteresting or puzzling to work on it. So, this website is very much favorable to the choice of the users. 


We tried our best to make you aware of the google sites templates. Some of the best templates have also been mentioned that you can find useful for you. In this highly competitive market of the internet, you should always have an approach to develop websites in such a way that could save your time. 

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