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This is no ordinary age that we are living in today, it is the vast age of the internet. Thousands of online tools are available to develop a build a website but we are going to talk about google sites examples. Most of the things that we use have already got an online avatar while the other services are in line to become online. There are several techniques that are used to develop a website for someone. You can use the templates and many other techniques but the developers are always looking for ways that can make the process to develop a website fairly easy and convenient. 

Whenever someone thinks of the internet, the first name that comes in their minds is Google. As there are several tools and templates that you may choose to build your website but Google sites is one of the best. In the later sections of this blog, we are going to show you some google sites examples. As Google is the leading search engine all around the world so, their products that are made for web development are never meant to be neglected.

What are google sites?

Google sites is a tool developed and maintained by google that offers the ability to create web pages. Anyone who wants to make a simple website can use this tool to develop a website. Such websites are very helpful in developing a collaborative relationship between a number of editors. There are several features that make this website creation tool better than others. Here is a list that would give you information about all those essential features of this website

Response time is very impressive: Google sites helps us to develop pages that are highly responsive. You can preview those webpages on your PC as well as the phone while in the development phase. This helps in fixing all the bugs before publishing your final page. 

Editing is very easy: Most of the web developers don’t want to modify their websites only because the process to edit websites is not so easy. But in google sites, you have to just drag and drop the items that you want to add or remove from your web page. 

Support for essential platforms: The websites developed with the help of this tool support JavaScript and HTML. The websites that you make using this platform can also be added with all the other platforms of Google like Google Maps, Google Drive, and many others. This is a huge help for developers. 

While you are planning to opt for a particular technology, it is not enough that you know only about the best features of that technology/tool. You should also know about the drawbacks of that technology. In this section of the blog, we are going to talk about the limitations that we have found in the google sites examples. Take a look at them:

Styling options are very few: The process to modify something here is very easy but there are very few options to choose if you want to modify something. 

Doesn’t support some of the very essential services of Google: Though it supports services like Google Maps, Google Drive, etc. but still there are some technologies that are not supported by it like Google Apps Script, Google Tag Manager. 

Google AdSense can’t be hosted by websites that are developed using this tool. 

Google sites examples:

Now that you are aware of the google sites, the advantages of it as well as the disadvantages. In this section of the blog, we are going to talk about some of the best sites that have been developed using this tool. We have analyzed a large number of websites and mentioned only the ones that are best suited for most of the users. Let us have a look at the websites one by one. (Avox Architects):

The design of this website is based on macro imagery. Many people say that this website looks quite old-fashioned, but that is not the case. The design of the website has been kept so simple that any user can very easily understand it. And due to extreme simplicity, this website seems a little old school which is not a real fact. If you give some time in understanding this website, you will come to know that it is one of the best google sites examples that anyone can mention. (Google Drawings):

This website is all about Google Drawings. As you already know that google drawings is a nice tool that helps the editors and other such persons to work together for making diagrammatical representations like mind maps, wireframes, charts, etc. Once you land on this website, you will know that it is full of processes that are recommended by the artists as well as the resources. And in all the things that you find on this website, you will see some visual representation that makes your interaction fairly easy here. Looking at this website will make you aware of the fact that how good a website similar to that of a portfolio can be. (BestRobot): 

Among all the other examples that we have mentioned so far, bestrobot is the only one where such a large amount of data is handled in a simple way. By looking at this website, you will not find it much attractive visually but the representation of the content is well-organized and very clear to understand. Based on the simplicity to use and other features, we found this website to be one of the best among google sites examples. 


If you are looking for a website for photography purposes, this one is the best for you. The navigation and response time on this website is very impressive. All the photos are organized in a good manner and there are several categories to make your search even easier. 


In this blog, we have presented several examples of google sites examples for you. You must look for one that suits your needs. We have mentioned only a few names here but you can find thousands of such websites on the internet if you are unable to find a proper match. 

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